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#SOARAHEAD by taking time to focus on work, money, and health.  #SOARAHEAD is a workplace program connecting organizations and individuals to help improve personal finances and health, while lowering the costs of delivering wages and benefits. We are now setting initial content.

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Symptom Screening

Confidentially record participant self-attestation to configurable symptom screening questions


Quarantine Administartion

Automatically monitor and manage participant quarantine



Access a virtually unlimited array of the latest and best optional testing add-ons to detect current or past COVID-19 cases



We search for what our clients need and get them access before it gets gobbled up&##8212;all on a non-binding, no-cost-to-buyer basis



#SOARAHEAD by taking time to focus on work, money, and health.



Access a virtually unlimited array of the latest and best optional testing add-ons to detect current or past COVID-19 cases



We are transforming member health & welfare by creating greater value and lowering per-capita costs with systems and programs to help everyone #SOARAHEAD


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Affiliate with SOAR AHEAD for health and welfare-oriented solutions, offers, access & rewards focused on lowering costs and adding value for both workers and organizations.



Optimize your plan and balance what you earn with what you spend and save, keeping your finances secure while building and maintaining a good credit score.



Achieve optimal health by balancing your healthcare needs while focusing on your wellness health status and environment.

your success

"Early to bed and early to rise, makes one healthy, wealthy, and wise"

On of the earliest versions of this quote was published in a 1735 edition of Benjamin Franklin's Poor Richard's Almanack. While it may not hold the exact same meaning today as it did in a society of farmer's in the 18th century, certainly those of us working night-shifts groan at the idea of rising early.

However the desire to be healthy, wealthy, and wise has forever endured as a shared goal amongst us all. Truly it is the effort to be wise, in our pursuit of health and wealth which is at the heart of the common sense principles Mr. Franklin professed to make our civilization great.

Your success depends greatly on improving your finances and health. This is the principal #SOARAHEAD was founded on; a mission to support participants in achieving greater health and wealth through knowledge not just to get ahead, but #SOARAHEAD!


To increase financial stability and happiness, while decreasing costs and stress, you need to decrease debt and spending, while increasing planning, earnings, savings, security, and credit scores.

Our goal is to support you with strategies, offers, access and rewards identified and developed for this program. Whether you are currently excluded or prospering or anywhere in between this program is your connecting point to #SOARAHEAD.

When you #SOARAHEAD, we all win. You, our community, businesses and society in general benefit from lower costs and higher productivity.


Unlike finances, not all health conditions can be cured. We cannot always make a sick person well, however we may be able to improve relative health and outcomes, as well as lower costs.

We can improve outcomes, reduce stress and decrease overall costs; by decreasing the need for high-cost treatments (acute-care), by receiving proper primary care made possible focusing on your wellness, health stats and environment.

Improvements in health typically result in greater longevity and increased happiness. Participants #SOARAHEAD health-wise, while employers and society benefit from lower costs and higher productivity.

Step 1:    G.E.A.R.S.

Working for a better life can be challenging and success can often seem elusive. How exactly does someone #SOARAHEAD?

Whether it be retiring comfortably, graduating school, eliminating debt, losing weight or enjoying a vacation; successful people typically employ similar strategies.

Are you ready to #SOARAHEAD? Use our five-step, easy to remember G.E.A.R.S. strategy.


Properly identify both what you truly need and what you want; and focus efforts on your GOALS and not pursuing distractions!
Get the specific EDUCATION and knowledge required to achieve your goals. What you know matters!
Get ACCESS to solutions and associate with others who can help you achieve your goals. Who you know matters too!
REVIEW your progress towards reaching your goals regularly to truly #SOARAHEAD!
Take action and maintain momentum and SUSTAIN your efforts until you reach your goals. Never give up!


#SOARAHEAD is a comprehensive, workplace-based, life-stage-oriented program empowering people to take control of their finances and health. Content is focused on ten key areas everyone needs to manage properly to #SOARAHEAD. The key financial areas are: planning, earning, spending, saving, securing and scoring and the key health areas are: need, wellness, status and environment. Our approach is to deliver a combination of articles, events, and deals focused on providing the following:

SOLUTIONS from experts in money management and healthcare
OFFERS for financial and health-related products and services
ACCESS to products and services and connect you with organizations and individuals who can help you advance
REWARDS to encourage and recognize your achievements at work and in your life

money & health focus categories


The #SOARAHEAD approach is to help guide participants throughout the year. We want to provide participants with timely information to help them make sound decisions year-round. Articles and events are designed to educate participants and offer solutions, with linked deals providing offers, access, and rewards.

S.O.A.R. Content

let's win together

Individuals Working People


Working People


Get support in reaching your goals, and improve your health and finances with solutions, offers, access, and rewards.

Groups Organizations/Employers




Groups committed to helping working people improve their finances and health. Organizations affiliate with #SOARAHEAD to provide their participants immediate access to a portfolio of ready-to-use value-added products and services.

Merchants Businesses




#SOARAHEAD offers merchants a single connecting point to reach multiple organizations and more individuals lowering costs—saving businesses money—to increase the savings a business can pass on to participants.

member to member

" As a healthcare provider, I taking care of other's needs;
however as a member, I now also have a team taking care of my needs too! "
RN & Charter Member

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Get the best access to articles, events and deals, download our free mobile app from iTunes or Google Play. Receive instant notifications and hassle-free connection to your benefits.

Prepaid debit cards

Prepaid debit card

 Find the way to get paid and the way to pay!™ A general purpose reload-able prepaid card may be the key to helping you reach your financial goals #PrepaidWorks.

Tele health plans

Tele health

Telehealth solutions are improving access to care and lowering costs. Learn how invaluable this solution can be at

Build your group

#SOARAHEAD is connecting with large groups of working people seeking help with their finances and health. Organizations affiliate with us to provide their participants immediate access to a portfolio of ready-to-use, value-added products and services.
By leveraging the power of participating groups we help organizations offer their participants greater value than they could develop on their own. #SOARAHEAD also offers participating groups access to a constantly growing library of communication pieces designed to help build and communicate value to participants.
Participating organizations can also offer their participants a mobile-optimized online benefit center. This tool can be used to enroll and verify members online 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week all year long to give participants secure access to their benefits.


#SOARAHEAD brings you timely information to keep you in sync with what is happening in the world around you.

promote your business

#SOARAHEAD offers participating merchants a single connecting point to reach multiple organizations and more individuals lowering costs—saving businesses money—to increase the savings a business can pass on to participants.  Join #SOARAHEAD risk free and submit your offer online in the Benefit Center today.

Featured content: We are developing seasonally relevant content following the #SOARAHEAD Editorial Calendar focused on the ten Money & Health Focus Categories.

Online offers: We are seeking recognized online merchants willing to offer the best quality, service and price focused on the ten Money & Health Focus Categories.

Local offers: Our benefit platform facilitates access to group exclusive offers. Using our website or mobile app a participant can locate deals and events around them or anywhere worldwide. The rapidly expanding local deals include: Food & Drinks, Activities, Health & Beauty, Auto, Professional Services, Stores & Shopping

Group Insurance: We are growing #SOARAHEAD membership to qualify for group insurance underwriting to secure special rates and products for #SOARAHEAD members and affiliated member organizations.

B2B: Merchant members also enjoy access to exclusive offers for businesses too—Save on payroll, 401K administration, and more. We are building deals to help participating businesses lower their costs even more.

#SOARAHEAD Editorial Calendar

#SOARAHEAD content is organized around five (5) overlapping seasons, with special monthly, weekly and daily themes.

Season Categories

Download Season Overview
Period: 12/26-Tax Day
Print Deadline: 10/15
January: New Year's Day, MLK Day, Chinese New Year, prepaid, Fitness equipment & clubs, winter apparel, tax filling services, holiday clearance, spring cleaning & storage and weightloss
February: Super Bowl, Valentine's Day, Presidents Day, Mardi GrasBoats, computer monitors, wedding planning, Broadway shows, cellphones, concerts and dental care
March: St. Patrick's, Spring, March Madness, Easter, Cesar Chavez Day, Daylight Savings, ski & snowboard equipment, lawn & gardening, video games, jewelry & perfume, cruises, frozen food, vacation planning and vison care
Act on your resolutions to plan and #SOARAHEAD

Download Season Overview
Period: 3/31-Father's Day
Print Deadline: 2/15
April: Baseball, Tax Day, finanical planning, housing & home services, athletic wear & outdoor gear
May: Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Graduations, Seasonal Attractions, NFL Draft, NHL-NBA Playoffs, thrift stores, refrigerators, spring apparel, physical fitness, skincare, autocare and disability insurance
June: Father's Day, Flag Day, parks & recreation, lingerie & swimwear, tropical travel, tools & hardware
Financial literacy in April, Women's health in May, Men's health in June, honoring graduates in May/June

Download Season Overview
Period: Memorial Day-Labor Day
Print Deadline: 4/15
July: 4th of July, outdoor cooking, summer clothing, designer apparel, art
Summer recreation and vacation

Download Season Overview
Period: 8/1-9/30
Print Deadline: 6/15
August: NFL, Back-to-school items, immunizations, physicals, laptops, office supplies, mattresses
September: Labor Day, smart phones, jackets/hoodies, video game consoles, holiday travel, airfare, above ground pools, swing sets, bicycles, elder services, life insurance
Back to school, Labor Day and retirement planning. Focus on kids health, school, work, retirement, etc.

Download Season Overview
Period: 9/22-12/31
Print Deadline: 8/15
October: MLB playoffs, Columbus Day, NBA, NHL, Halloween, kids's health, auto sales, costumes, outdoor furniture, jeans, camping gear
November: Cookware & kitchenware, cameras, outdoor grills, air conditioners, plants, toys, games, wedding supplies, appliances, candy, televisions, electronics, tools, online retailers. Events: Veteran's Day, Smokeout, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Election, Movember, Depression, Daylight Savings
December: Christmas, New Years Eve, Holiday events, decorations, gifts, local retailers
First day of Fall, holidays, shopping thanksgiving, harvest, Christmas, New Years, etc.